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Portfolio Analysis

The Property Portfolio is likely to be one of the biggest cost items in your business after your staff. It is therefore very important that you make the best use of the space you have. Build a robust property strategy around lease events and relocation opportunities. Seek to pro-actively manage the space you occupy through utilisation surveys, better space planning & agile working.

Acquisitions & Disposals

Acquiring new space for your business can be a time consuming activity. Far better to rely on someone with an understanding of your requirements to do that initial leg work for you. 

Understanding Commercial Agents and how the Real Estate market works is an important asset when acquiring or disposing of space.

Project Management

There are many stages and suppliers required to take your space from acquisition to occupation or to prepare surplus space for disposal or subleasing. The management of this process shouldn't be seen as independent from creating a Strategy or the going through Acquisition/Disposal activity. Indeed, it is the wider understanding gained during these other phases that make us the ideal partner to help deliver the finished article.

About Us

Devereux Property was formed in 2004 as a consultancy business to manage clients property portfolios. The business has been dormant from 2014 to March 2017 whilst I was employed by one of my longstanding clients at Head of Global Real Estate. My work there now done, and their Global Property Portfolio reduced from over 300 properties worldwide to just 11 under my supervision. I now look to find new challenges here in the UK, or wherever my expertise may be needed
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